Article 2

October 9, 2018

Day 2 of NAHC’s Annual Conference Explores Various Paths to Leadership

The second day of the 2018 Home Care and Hospice Conference and Expo in Grapevine, Texas opened with something completely new and different – a series of talks by conference attendees on the paths their lives took them – often in circuitous and unexpected directions – to the leadership positions they hold today.

This General Session, Elements of Leadership, featured six speakers, beginning with moderator Andrea Devoti, the Executive Vice President of NAHC and the former President and CEO of Neighborhood Health in Pennsylvania for 18 years. Andrea’s element of leadership was HUMILITY, and she spoke of how her nursing career suffered several setbacks, as business problems with employers left her out of work, struggling to make ends meet, and trying to advance her education at the same time so she could move into nursing administration.

At one point, Andrea took a “backward” move in her career, taking a job she was over-qualified for because it happened to be her best option at the time. The lessons she learned by doing so, however, turned her into the person she is today – someone who has been a top leader in home health and hospice for two decades.

Brent Korte, Executive Director of Home Care Services at EvergreenHealth, spoke about GRIT and how he used his experiences in mountain climbing to learn how to persevere, see opportunities instead of merely obstacles, and become the leader his agency, his family, and his community needs him to be.

Wanda Coley, President and Chief Operating Officer of Well Care Health spoke about COMMITTMENT, which was required for her and her staff when they were hit by a hurricane. With homes damaged and destroyed and staff wondering if they should ride out the storm to better care for their patients, Wanda had to take charge of the situation and reinforce her staff’s commitment to serving their patients and each other. The ties the staff and patients built with each other during those times have made them stronger than ever.

April Anthony, CEO of Encompass Health – Home Health and Hospice spoke about CULTURE BUILDING and what it takes to build a corporate culture that benefits employees and patients in a demanding industry. David Curtis, CEO of Graham Healthcare Group – Home Health, spoke of EMPATHY and how he used near-tragedy in his personal life to become stronger at home and at work. Merrily Orsini, President and CEO of corecubed, spoke about the quality of being a VISIONARY and its importance in becoming a leader and creating business success.

The speeches made a huge impact on the audience because it was peers talking to peers about what they did to find their own path to leadership in their lives and in the home health and hospice industry.